Debut, First Step, The Start of… the Phoodie Travelogue…..

Hello World!
Many things to be all happy and wiggly about today (05.10.2011):
1) My wedding anniversary
2) Went for a lovely meal at Restaurant Andre
3) Last but not least, I’ve finally bucked up and kick start my dabbling in wordpress – sharing my yummy PHoodiE Photos with you.

PHoodiE Travelogue – so goes the name, combines simply my love of good food, photography (of food mainly…) and travels (often in search of good food)…..

So let me begin with today’s journey.
This evening we dined at a Restaurant Andre. Chef Michael Han of Fifty Three recommended me to pay a visit to Andre. The restaurant exterior is discreet and thoughtful – tucked into a little corner of Outram Park area with a distinct olive tree outside it’s front doors.

Restaurant Andre

Restaurant Andre - the signature Olive Tree

The service was prompt and attentive throughout the meal. Sweep all that aside – what of the food?
I’ll not spoil the whole course by show casing every single dish – that’s is an experience I’d like you to try for yourself if you are in Singapore or will pop over soon.

The evening of degustation is organised into 8 segments – Octophilosophy – designed by Andre. I enjoyed ‘Pure’,  ‘Unique’ and ‘Terroir’ the most.
‘Pure’ is a beautiful and delicate lilac dish of purple cauliflower juice, scallop cappacio and Japanese chives and vintage olive oil dotted around to add a little interesting spots into the dish.



‘Unique’ is about taking a basic or common ingredient and making it different somehow. Andre creates this dish with barramundi – slices quite thinly, chargrilled and then layered with archichokes infused in a wonderful delicate zesty sauce.



‘Terroir’ is supposedly the masculine dish (read, red meat) and I loved it. the whole dish was like a work of art with greens and reds and a beautifully cooked duck and the jus… to die for. See for yourself.



And since I’m sure a dessert lover – I must of course feature the chocolate dessert (amoung 3 other palate cleansers, pre desserts and petit fours he indulged us with)…. It was basically chocolate in as many % you can image in the form of ice cream, spong, brittle, soil, wafer. The result was a delish yummy happy PHoodiE ending…


Six Chocolates

We were lucky enough to speak to Chef Andre this evening though it well past midnight….We are very impressed by his passion, genuine love of the craft, art and his customers and staff.
A little fact for you – early adopters and subscribers to my ramblings….. Andre is rather good with his hands (outside of the kitchen too!) – he handmade many of the serving dishes, cups even your bread plate – make sure you take a second look at the things closest to you at the dining table – he is THAT thoughtful when it comes to dining experiences with him.

He loves trees – hence the olive tree in front of his restaurant and…. He’ll be in Melbourne for the Melbourne Food Festival next March 2012! So … you lucky Melbournians – buy your tickets and go to his sessions/demos!!!

Till next time, ciao,
A very full and sleepying PHoodiE……