In the Jungle we sometimes find a gem…. Les Deux Garcons


As I mentioned earlier, we were in KL over the weekend. It’s been over a year since my last visit. I find that when I am in KL, it’s usually for some specific purpose – event or friend’s gathering so I don’t have much time to wander around and explore much else other than the same neighbourhood I’m familiar with and that’s Bangsar. I worked in Malaysia once and lived in Bangsar for a few months. A lot of my friends live nearby so it’s uber convenient to meet up with them, have a night cap over coffee and nice chilled out music or even to sneak in a cheeky Roti Chani in TTDI or SS2. I usually hang around Telawi, Bangsar, Damansara and on this visit, I’ve seen a lot of new boutique shops popping up. For one thing there’s a really glam looking ‘Pantry Magic’!

Anyway, we came across a pristine white shop besides a fruit stall. I peered in wondering what is it exactly. To my delight – it’s a patisserie called ‘Les Deux Garcons’. It’s owned and run by Toto and Ben. On our first visit, we tried a cake each. Den tried the Mango Passion fruit – think he liked the happy zesty colour. I tried the Raspberry gateaux because… well, it was pretty! When we sliced into it, we noticed the layering of the mousse was in a similar style to that of the famed Japanese Patissier, Hidemi Sugino. It’s a style that our friend, C loves and aspires too. We know it’s hard to achieve different coloured and layering of the mousse over delicately thin sponge. But these guys did it and it looks  – well, see for yourself just how pretty the cakes are.Les Deux Garcons, selection of gateaux

On our 2nd visit, we tried another 2 cakes and ordered a dozen of the macarons for our friends. For the cakes, this time we tried the Dark Chocolate Cherry Mousse and the White Chocolate Truffle tart (apparently their signature).  Again, we were impressed with the choices – the lines were clean, the sponge and layering inside were precise and retained the moistness that sometimes gives away mousse that’s been left out too long. The white chocolate truffle creates an interesting flavour for your palate because your brain will associate the truffle with savoury dishes like risotto or truffle shaved on eggs/pasta and yet the white chocolate sweetness will counter the savoury taste in a similar way that salted caramel does except – this is the Rolls Royce version of that sensation.

As we were leaving, we had the luck to meet the both of them (Toto and Ben) – they shared their passion for the patisserie arts with us and their drive to succeed and expand. Ohh… and they used to live in London too 🙂

In short,  it was love at first sight and after tasting and cutting through the middle – truly great craftsmanship and artisan in the colours, layering and precision. I think they are better than any patissier currently found in Singapore…

In Singapore there’s The Patissier at M’md Sultan or Ann Siang HillFlo at DuxtonK-ki At Ann Siang HillAntoinette in Mandarin Gallery…. but Les Deux Garcons is a nudge above their peers. It’s comparable to the best we’ve had in Paris and in Japan like ‘Patisserie K Vincent in Kagurazaka’ or ‘Hidemi Sugino in Ginza.

If you are heading over to KL and you love desserts, trust me you don’t want to miss out. For all you know, they’ll be heading to the bright lights of Tokyo or London and Paris soon!

Au reviour,