Sunday Brunch Malaysian Style – Bak Ku Teh


Mr K and I had the occasion to visit Malaysia over the weekend. Our friend took us to try the Malaysian style Bak Ku Teh – the dry and the soup one in Puchong on a Sunday morning – before noon!
Our friend helped us order and we just had to eat whatever comes our way. What I like about the Malaysian style BKT over the ones you find in Singapore is that it is what it says on the box ‘herbal ribs’. Slowly stewed Pork Ribs in herbal tea.
I really like the fact that you can add the inoki mushrooms and there’s always plenty of ‘tofu curd’ in the clay pot. Of course, we add the ‘yau char gwai’ too. Oh yes.. there’ s always a token side order of veggies…. just so we feel we’ve done our greens for the morning.

 Bak Ku Teh in Puchong

After about 3 mins of silence when everyone tucks into the first slurps of the herbal tea, rice and ribs…. We look up with a big smile and satisfaction on our faces. Three Words – “hits the spot”!!

The BKT in SG have a huge amount of white pepper in the broth… and not much of a herby taste….. I’m not a fan. Who prefers the ones in SG over Malaysia? You must be a Singaporean haha.

Signing off.

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