Taipei, Taiwan – places I’d recommend…


Lately a number of friends have been asking me about travelling to Taiwan, Taipei to be exact. I went recently in Sept 2011. As always, D will compile a list of  ‘places to visit and eat’.  When we’re back home, we sometimes have time to review the list again and short list the ones that we really did and enjoyed.

Here’s our list for our favourite phoods during our travels to Taipei this year.

Soyamilk Shop - Quintessentially Taiwanese

Fried dough, sticky rice wrap, savoury soyamilk, sweet soyamilk..... and a grilled flat bread.... (siew beng)... yummmm

Type Restaurants/ Good Food to bring home



Lunch and open till late 老張牛肉麵
MRT: 中正紀念堂站
南海路 71 m
Left onto 南海路2巷 46 m
Right onto 南昌路一段31巷 110 m
Left onto 南昌路一段
Beef Noodles  
breakfast 永和豆漿大王‎
BEST SOY MILK, yau cha gwai and all things yummy Taiwanese soy. I loved their omelette sticky rice too A MUST
They close for a break in btwn bfast and late lunch. Go before 11am or after 3pm. I think this is a brekkie place… so go early and you won’t be disappointed. We went there… daily!
Dinner or lunch 食養文化山房 (Taiwanese)
(booked.  Re-confirm on arrival to taipei)
MRT: 南港展覽館站 (30 mins)
then taxi address (35 mins 15 km TWD350)
Organic, gastronomy. Beautiful setting…. Relax and enjoy. A MUST
U can try to go at lunch when it’s less busy. The owner, Mr Ma is usually there. Hardworking and down to earth guy. Nx time should interview him 😉  It’s in a very remote location. Be prepared for taxi drivers refusing to go there. Whilst you are up the hill and thinking you have arrived…. remember.. u are not there yet!!! Keep going till you see a white roofed building! and it really will cost 350 TWD!
Snacks 哈肯舖
Hogan Bakery
MRT: 國父紀念館站
South 光復南路 toward 仁愛路四段 400m
Right 仁愛路四段 8m
Left 光復南路 230m
Right 光復南路456巷 160m
Continue 信義路四段265巷
Cookies and bread This chap won the best bakery and french techique award a few yrs ago. V good bread for Asia 🙂
Lunch and open till late 度小月擔仔麵
MRT: 忠孝敦化站
Exit 3
Right 忠孝東路四段194巷 66 m
Left 忠孝東路四段194巷1弄
Noodles A MUST
Very good and tasty. V. reasonably priced. The place was in an area good for snacks. Recommend a walk about in the neighbourhood
Open till late 桃源街牛肉麵
MRT: 西門站 Exit 3
Lunch 林東芳牛肉麵
MRT: 忠孝新生站
Exit 1
North on 安東街 toward 忠孝東路三段251巷1弄 350 m
Right onto 市民大道三段 37 m
Left onto 安東街 270 m
Left onto 八德路二段
02 2752 2556
 Beef Noodles Tiny place famous for beef noodles. I liked the side veggies too
Lunch 回留 (vegetarian)
MRT: 忠孝新生站 then Taxi
 Vegetarian It’s EXCELLENT for tea ceremony if u don’t have time for any meals. The lady will guide u through the options. Go for ‘Ah Li San’ Lung Jin which is what Taiwan is famous for. The key is to relax, slow down and enjoy the tea break. It’s near to 度小月擔仔麵 so maybe come here after the noodles 🙂
Pineapple Tarts 舊振南餅店
台北 SOGO 新光三越 新天地A11
Right 光復南路
Left 基隆路一段364巷
Left 基隆路一段
Slightly right 松壽路
pineapple tarts I only buy this branded pineapple tarts.The rest sold in airports etc aren’t v tasty…
Dinner 茶酒沙龍 (Chinese)
+886 2 2721 1970
仁愛路四段15號 2-3F
MRT: 忠孝復興站
South on 復興南路一段 400m
Left onto 仁愛路四段 73m
Places to see 太魯閣國家公園
MRT: 龍山寺站國立故
北投區(Hot Springs)
Bus 涼州重慶路口 601 (天母), 223 (大南汽車關渡站) to 酒泉重慶路口
Walk 哈密街
In bwtn meal snacks DTF – the original shop  Shanghai Dumplings – filled with lots of yummy juice Was actually very good even though there’s many branches in SG.
Go at an offpeak hour to avoid all the coach load of Japanese and mainland tourists.
A Mountain Area for walks Yang Min San Really lovely walk. U will see all the local oldies with their picnics, chit chatting/ playing chess games. I went here once when I was younger and have very good memories of it. Happy to find it almost as I had remembered it.
private kitchen Cat’s Private Kitchen is at
#25, Alley 20, Lane 391, He Ping East Road Section 3, Da An District, Taipei
Tel: (886) 961-173451
 Private Kitchen Extremely difficult to get a reservation for 2 pple. Need a group of 4. and book 2 months or more in advance. For those who are determined – give it a shot. Better still if you can converse with them in Taiwanese I think… I had to struggle a bit with my broken mandarin…. they tried to fit us in but alas they had another larger group booked in. Makes business sense 🙂

Hope you peeps enjoy your visit to Taipei!! 🙂 There’s also a snacks markets in Shilin which we visited – you should go too at night and enjoy the street food there.

Ciao for now,

Phoodie signing off